Web Relaunch: FAQs for UZH Members

Why does UZH need a new website?

There is actually no such thing as a single "UZH website". Rather, the University of Zurich’s web presence consists of several hundred different websites belonging to faculties, departments, institutes, offices, research projects etc.

From user questionnaires, we know that this environment is often difficult to navigate. The information users require is spread out over several different websites and is difficult to find. In addition, the design options and mobile accessibility of the current websites are no longer up to date.

The web relaunch is intended to improve these areas. It is therefore not only a redesign, but an overhaul of the contents and structure of the university websites. In the new structure, the contents will no longer be arranged according to the internal organizational set-up, but according to the needs of the website users. At the same time, the new websites will have a modern and appealing look and feel, as well as being available in two languages (German/English) with barrier-free accessibility and optimized for all types of devices.

What is the primary aim of the web relaunch?

The aim of the web relaunch is to give all website visitors straightforward and quick access to the information and services they need. The new websites should provide optimal support for students and staff as they study, prepare classes, conduct research or perform administrative tasks. It will also serve to showcase the University of Zurich as a forward-thinking institution and thus strengthen the identity of the university, both internally and externally.

What new features will there be?

Most importantly, the new websites will be designed to meet users' needs, right across the board. Content for specific internal target groups such as students and staff will be gathered and presented in internal closed platforms. Accordingly, there will be three distinct groups of websites:

  • Public corporate websites = Websites for public target groups, e.g. the corporate website www.uzh.ch, websites of museums, public events, campaigns, service centers etc.
  • Public academic websites = Websites for academic communities within and outside of UZH: These include all websites of departments/institutes, research projects, centers of competence etc.
  • Internal websites = Platforms or intranet sites with information for internal target groups (students, employees and academics)
Project Scope

What will the new corporate website look like?

As part of the preliminary project, we developed a visual concept for the new website. Watch our short film to get an impression of what we want to achieve with the new corporate website and find out how it is based on the needs of our target groups.

Short film on visual concept (duration: approx. 3.5 minutes)

Who is responsible for the preliminary project?

The Executive Board of the University tasked the digital communications team from the Communications Office with implementing the preliminary project for the web relaunch, together with the Information Technology Office, the Office of the Vice President Education and Student Affairs, the Office of the Vice President Research and the Human Resources Office. The different target groups were also represented through focus groups of students, academics and other employees from institutes and departments.

When will the web relaunch start? When will the new websites go live?

The timescale for the relaunch is being determined in the preliminary project. It is planned to take place in three separate but coordinated projects:

  • The External Websites Relaunch project includes the websites for public target groups and academic communities (public websites and academic websites);
  • The MyUZH for Staff preliminary project covers the platform for academic and non-academic staff;
  • The MyUZH for Students project covers the platform for students.

It is envisaged that the kick-off for the External Websites Relaunch project will take place in autumn 2020. The new corporate website should provisionally go live by 2022. The remaining public websites and the websites of the institutes and departments, research projects etc. Academic websites will be implemented after that.

The planning for the MyUZH for Staff preliminary project and the MyUZH for Students project will be developed in the course of 2020.

What does the web relaunch mean for the institutes and departments? What about for the Central Services offices?

The providers of the academic websites (institutes, departments, research projects etc.) will have new and more flexible opportunities to present their research and teaching in an appealing manner. They can use the web relaunch as a chance to review the content of their websites.

The content of the Central Services websites will be placed in the new public website, in the new intranet or in the new student portal, depending on the target group. This will be done in collaboration with the persons responsible for the respective websites within Central Services.

Will there be a new content management system (CMS)?

The CMS tool Magnolia will continue to be used in the future for the corporate website and the websites of the institutes and departments, with as many optimizations as possible to support editing work.

Magnolia CMS Website (in German)

Does it make sense to revise our website now, or should we wait until the web relaunch?

The new corporate website will provisionally go live in 2022 at the earliest.

Any revisions you make now with website users in mind and which make your website more user-friendly will be helpful. Think of them as preparatory work for the web relaunch. It is therefore not necessary to wait for the implementation of the web relaunch project to carry out such work.

We nevertheless recommend – in particular if you work for a Central Services office – that you contact Communications before undertaking substantial changes: webredaktion@kommunikation.uzh.ch.