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Responsibilities and List of Services

Our work is based on the UZH communications concept and the service mandate of the UZH Communications Office.

1. Coordination

  • Strategic and operative management of UZH communications
  • Development of communications principles, corporate design guidelines, web policy, publishing principles
  • Identification and evaluation of developments and trends in the field of communications as well as the related technologies, instruments and methods

2. Communications Advice

  • Advising the President and the Executive Board of the University
  • Advising the faculty deans
  • Advising departments, institutes, and offices
  • Contacting communications service providers (writers and editors, graphic designers, printers, web services, event managers, translators)

3. Media Relations

  • Coordinating experts for media requests, media response triage
  • Media conferences
  • Media releases

4. Publications

  • Development, production, and provision of core communications materials
  • Issuing UZH publications (Magazin, UZH News)

5. Information and Documentation

  • Production of event calendar (uniagenda)
  • Production of integrated visitor information system (IBIS)
  • Production of image collection

6. Website

  • Writing, editing, and production of the corporate website (main UZH website)
  • Video production
  • UZH website development: Concept, structure, design, ongoing accommodation of new needs and technical capabilities
  • Provision of UZH Content Management System: Requirements and needs, usability

7. Corporate Design & Brand Management

  • Development of UZH’s corporate design

  • Management of the digital UZH brand guide

  • Support for UZH organization units in matters of corporate design and branding

  • Conception and design of university-wide means of communication

  • Training of a graphic design apprentice


8. Events

  • Organization and staging of university-wide events (Scientifica)

9. Translations, Terminology

  • Management of UZH terminology database
  • Coordination of English translations

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