About Us

Publications, Media Relations, and Events

The Communications Office is responsible for communicating with the public about the University’s activities and for internal communications:

  • Strategic and operative management of UZH communications
  • Media requests, media releases, and contacting experts
  • Content and development of university-wide website www.uzh.ch
  • UZH publications (UZH News, UZH Journal, UZH Magazin, Annual Report)
  • Organization and staging of university-wide events (Scientifica, Talk im Turm)

Support for Your Communications Needs

We provide UZH members with advice on all their communications needs, on in-house and external communications work:

  • Advising the President, the Executive Board of the University, the faculty deans, departments, and offices
  • Advice and support for media requests and media releases
  • Advice and support in applying UZH’s corporate design
  • Advice in creating a website
  • Provision of communications services (writing and editing, graphic design, print, web services, event management)
  • Advice, coordination, and provision of English translations