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Head of Communications a.i.: Beat Müller

Assistant Communications / Merchandise: Fabiola Thomann
Head of Corporate Design: Anita Lussmann Aragao
Apprentice Graphic Designer: Len Kästle
Translator/Translation Manager: Philip Isler

Storytelling & Inhouse Media

Head: David Werner
Deputy Head: Nathalie Huber

  • Print/online publications
  • Video content
  • Core communications channels
  • Advising
  • Projects

Media Relations

Head a.i.: Rita Ziegler

  • Media conferences
  • Media releases
  • Media requests
  • Contacting experts
  • Crisis communication
  • Projects

Digital Communications

Head: Roger Stupf
Deputy Head: Theo von Däniken

  • Content and development of UZH website
  • Web advice, web projects
  • Social media
  • Public events, agenda, IBIS (visitor information system)
  • Projects

Social Media

Head: Priska Feichter

  • Content Creation
  • Community Management
  • Image and Video Production
  • Campaigns
  • Consulting
  • Training