Information Options

Information is displayed on the IBIS screens for approx. one week.


Variant Image

An image fills the entire IBIS screen and is shown for 15 seconds. It has a size of 1920 x 1080 pixel.


Ideally: .jpg or .png
Possible (converted to .jpg): PowerPoint, .gif, .pdf


UZH organizational units must use the corporate design templates,
which are available on the CD website:

PowerPoint and Photoshop templates (in German)

All other institutions, e.g. student bodies, are free to design their information and should not use the CD templates.

Notification form

Short Text

Variant Short Text

Most suited for a short message (title, date, location) along with a small image (optional).

The text may not exceed 300 characters, and the image may be no more than 545 x 450 pixel.

Notification form