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Social Media

UZH's diversity is also reflected in its social media: UZH's main channels on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X and YouTube, which represent UZH as an overall institution, are managed centrally by the Communications department. Other UZH units operate their own channels.

Overview of UZH's social media channels

Social Media Strategy of the University of Zurich

The aims of the UZH social media channels are derived from the overall aims and principles of UZH's communications strategy. They apply for the main official channels and also as overarching aims for the social media presence of other UZH units. Status March 2019.

Social Media Strategy UZH (PDF, 135 KB)

Social Media Guidelines for UZH Units

Below you will find the 10 most important rules and tips for handling social media at UZH. They apply to all social media profiles run on behalf of UZH or its subunits. Status May 2020.

Social Media Guidelines for UZH Units (PDF, 106 KB)

Tips and Best Practices

👉Setting Up a New Social Media Account for a UZH Unit

The following checklist will help you decide whether it makes sense to open a new social media account for a UZH unit, and if so, what it takes to successfully run an account.

Checklist (PDF, 75 KB)

Do you want to set up a new social media account for an organizational unit? Then tell us about it! We can help you connect to the UZH network.

Report a new social media account

💡Social Media Cheat Sheet

An overview of the most important tips and tricks for each platform.

Social Media Cheat Sheet (PDF, 135 KB)

🎬 Social Media Videos

Guide to planning and producing videos for social media channels.

Social Media Videos Guide (PDF, 74 KB)

Weiterführende Informationen

🤝 Social Media Meetup

More about 🤝 Social Media Meetup

Monthly meeting for all administrators of social media accounts of UZH units. We share our knowledge and experiences and discuss best practices. Get in touch if you would like to join. 

Stop Hate Speech

As part of the Stop Hate Speech project, researchers at UZH and ETH have been looking into what words help make hate speakers change their behavior. Their finding is that messages that show empathy for the group affected by hate are the most effective. 


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