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Web Hosting

There are two types of web hosting as well as a combination of the two:

Hosting in the CMS

The University of Zurich’s Content Management System (CMS) Magnolia is a simple way for you to create and maintain webpages. 

It offers the following advantages:

  • Design and content is separate. This enables you to focus on content.
  • There are fully designed templates available to you. This saves design costs.
  • The templates adhere to UZH’s corporate design.
  • The templates are accessible and compatible with most browsers.
  • The CMS is updated and connected with other information systems at UZH (e.g. LDAP, ZORA).
  • We offer comprehensive training, advice, and support.

For more information, go to the CMS website (German)

Hosting outside the CMS

Besides the CMS, the Information Technology Office offers a traditional web server. You can create websites using HTML files and add databases (MySQL, Oracle) and scripts (PHP).

For more details and support, visit Information Technology’s web hosting page (German).

Hosting in and outside the CMS

A website can also be hosted in part in the CMS and in part on the traditional web server. This solution makes sense for:

  • Content that cannot be generated through the CMS, e.g. web applications
  • Complex databases

There are two options:

1. “Static” directory

This option is useful when you create most of your website in the CMS.

2. Create part of the website in the virtual “cms” directory

This option is useful when most of your website is outside the CMS.

This requires a virtual cms sub-area on the traditional web server. These websites will then contain “cms” in their URLs, e.g.

Only Information Technology can create a virtual cms sub-area. Please contact them by submitting a request for support.