Linguistic Resources, Termbases and Online Dictionaries

Electronic dictionaries and termbases are extremely helpful to everyone who deals with language – and not just linguists. Many reference works are open source and offer an abundance of helpful resources in a myriad of languages and topics. The following list provides you with termbases and dictionaries that are particularly useful in the world of higher education.

The UZH termbase contains terminology from the world of higher education in German and English. The termbase is open source and continually updated. Users can contribute to the project by filling out a terminology form. If the term and its translation are suitable, the team at Communications will add it to the termbase.
The University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur has a termbase with vocabulary from the world of higher education. The terms are mainly in German and English, some are, however in French, Italian and Spanish.
IATE is the EU’s termbase. It contains EU-specific terms and vocabulary in all EU languages. At the moment there are approximately 1.4 multilingual entries in the open source termbase. EU terminologists regularly update the site.
Eurovoc is a multilingual thesaurus maintained by the Office for Official Publications of the EU. It contains 22 official EU languages and can be downloaded as a PDF. The website is regularly updated, and users can contribute to the thesaurus via a form on the website.
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TERMDAT is the Swiss Federal Administration’s terminology database. It contains the terminology of Swiss law, public administration and the public sector in German, French, Italian, Romansh and English.