Translating for UZH

We are pleased to have you translating for the University of Zurich. When you translate for our University, you have a demanding client. The following guidelines can contribute toward a positive work experience:

Checklist for Translators

  • Please consult the UZH termbase for UZH terminology and usage.
  • If you use CAT tools (computer-assisted translation tools), please ask for an electronic version of the UZH termbase. Various file types can be exported.
  • Please use US orthography unless otherwise agreed.
  • If you notice any problems in the original text (misspelled words, logical errors), please discuss this with your clients. They will thank you!
  • Don't forget to discuss format, stylistic aspects, and proofreading.
  • Arrange the deadline and payment modalities before you begin working.

If you are translating a text for the web – or for a non-native English-speaking audience – please take note of the following points:

  • Write short, clear sentences.
  • Use straightforward vocabulary that is readily understood.